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Being laid-off is never easy for anyone and during these times, even more challenging. 


We have some resources to share that we hope will help everyone!

Job Search Resources

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Here is some background of Workplaced.


"Workplaced is officially launching the first centralized and open platform that is 100% focused on the workplace and real estate industry. The industry has gone through a shift over the past couple of months and will continue going through tremendous changes. The forced experiment of remote working has put in motion rethinking the role of the office space and employee experience. We believe the various talented professionals who lost their jobs due to the pandemic are critical to help build the future of the workplace. In an effort to make certain our industry is not losing this wealth of knowledge and expertise, as well as to better streamline the job search process, we have built Workplaced.  


If you are searching for a new job, considering a career pivot, transition or just want a fresh perspective (ad hoc mentoring) is a talent community and resource network for the built environment – Businesses find and hire talent resources and network and professionals  find work opportunities, career dev resources, and network. On Demand Network provides highly skilled resources for project based work either contract or contract to hire in design, PM, marketing. is  currently offering 30 minute no fee collaborative career consult sessions for commercial real estate professionals in active job search. The Hive Leadership Circle Series provides 3 condensed coaching sessions related to virtual search success. Series 1 focuses on preparing for a successful search. Series 2 provides expert insights on interview prep, assessments, and overcoming bias. Series 3 addresses successful offer negotiations and insights into the emerging gig economy, opportunities for skilled experts, and which sectors will be hiring. Join our next webinar by linking to

Executive Coaching Resources

Why should you work with a coach?  A good coach helps you identify areas where you can improve your game.  They act as catalysts to move you to a new level.  Whether that is being more successful in your current role as a leader or team member, identifying the path to new and more challenging career opportunities or even explore a change in your career goals.  Focusing on strategic thinking, effective communication skills, emotional intelligence, transformation change are a few examples of issues you and an executive coach can work on.

Gary comes highly recommended from some of our RED Members who have worked with him  in the past.

Gary can be reached at:


Gary Wohl Executive Coach & Business Consultant


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