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Membership Benefits

The Real Estate Divas - Bay Area (RED) was established in 2005 and was incorporated in 2012, as an invitation-only organization committed to creating stronger working relationships among women in the Commercial Real Estate industry. The success of our organization is measured by the support of one another’s business efforts resulting in new business engagements and career opportunities.  We have strong support of corporate sponsors, and our membership dues are the most competitive in the industry.  There is no additional cost to members to attend monthly events.

Interested in joining?

Membership in RED is open to women working in the commercial real estate industry and supporting industries, and is by invitation.  RED Members are encouraged to invite a potential members to join our organization.   Each RED member may bring a potential member to a monthly event at the cost of $25.00 per guest.  If you are interested in attending an event as a guest, you may also send a request to to request an invitation.  Memberships are annual and run from January 1st through December 31st.  Guests are not allowed to attend special events as participation is often limited in numbers.  Attending a monthly event as a guests will allow potential members to see what RED is about and to determine if they are interested in becoming a part of our community.  We do not allow recurring guest attendance.

Membership Requirements

In order to be qualified to become a member of RED, you must attend one event as a guest of a member in good standing.  For the first year, new members are encouraged volunteer on one of our committees. We ask that you attend a minimum of three meetings in the first year. After two years, a member is qualified to participate on the RED Board should a position be available and the current Board votes that member onto the Board. Our bylaws dictate that we keep a balanced membership between real estate, end-users and industry affiliates.


Annual membership is $150 a year and is due upon receipt of membership confirmation. The membership fee is used to offset the cost of our events as well as provide matching donations to the charities that we support at each event.

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