Join date: Sep 28, 2022


Hello everyone- Happy to be involved with this amazing group of ladies. Little about me. I am a morning person- up super early before the sun comes up which is a blessing ' cause our industry begins early each day. Ironically, I started my career in SF eons ago in commercial furniture and now am in construction and back in SF at Swinerton.

Personally I am married to my bestfriend, Jeff, who is also in the construction and we have a daughter, Aria, who some of you met at the September event. She is in college studying Criminal Justice and maintains a part time job. Very proud mama. We as a family are very much involved in giving back opportunities, diversity & women rights. Lastly for fun, I am an avid health enthusiast. You will find me at the gym - love to workout. Also I enjoy painting and the arts.

Again- looking forward to meeting more of you at up coming events.

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