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Thank you for your interest in RED! RED Bay Area’s mission is to provide opportunities for women in Commercial Real Estate to meet, network and learn so we may better support one another in business and in the community.


Membership Guidelines:

Annual membership is $150 a year and is due upon receipt of membership confirmation. Memberships run on the calendar year from Jan 1 - December 31.  Only members in good standing are welcome to attend events. The membership dues help to offset costs of monthly events as well as provide funds for our philanthropic causes.

For the first the year, we recommend a member participate in the following ways:

- Volunteer a minimum of five hours with the organization

- Attend a minimum of three meetings. After two years, a member is qualified to participate on the RED Board should a position be available and       the current Board votes that member onto the Board.

Which RED member invited you as a guest?

Why are you interested in becoming a member of RED?

What type of volunteering opportunities are you interested in participating in? Volunteer for various one time or recurring tasks supporting (check all that apply):

Our bylaws dictate that we keep a balanced membership between Real Estate, End-Users and Industry Affiliates. The Board will review your application and let you know of your membership status within 30 days.

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